What Would Happen To Your Sales IF...

(ehem, some self-entitled kid out of Stanford is already doing this)

Clone Your Top Salesman

You had an AI automatically answer all your sales inquiries 24 hour a day? It would simply draw from your best salesman's previous responses.

Unleash Social Media Droids

You had an AI automatically friend, like, repin, reblog, retweet, reshare, comment, endorse (linkedin), and thumbs up, social media users in your target?

Persuade People

What would happen if you had an experienced yet innovative and creative team execute marketing automation and Artificial Intelligence for marketing?

Harness Digital Transformation and Disrupt Yourself

Frankly, fixing one leak in the dyke at a time won't do the trick any more. There's vastly more data, visibility, bandwidth, automation, and technology now than ever before. So instead of operating on one bottleneck at a time, lay out your entire arsenal of tools and rebuild your house from the ground up - holistically.

Yes, we are telling you to disrupt yourself. We're not talking about remodeling your pantry. We're talking about a complete tear down and architectural rebuild. Disrupting yourself might not be fun. But it's more fun than having someone else do it for you.

I Need These Tools Powering My Company

Automated 24h Salespeopledroids

If you don't think an artificial intelligence based salesdroid can outsell your best saleshuman, we're not going to try to convince you. Your best human sales person can only sell about 3 hours a day before he fatigues and his closure rate drops.

An AI can sell 24h a day. That AI can read all of your best salesman's best emails and simply copy them when replying to an overseas inquiry at 3am. Better yet, an AI can track every conversation down to the close. And it can do A/B testing to optimize its email and social media responses in realtime.

How long does it take for your top salesman to train the other salespeople? An AI trains itself with deep learning 10,000 times for every 1 time your top salesman sees an opportunity to optimize his responses.

We all know that the #1 reason a lead gets cold is because your competitor responded first. If your lead contacted 5 of your competitors, your chances of being the first to reply is 20%. If an AI works for you, your chances are 100%. How much do you think that alone would impact your bottom line?

Sure, the cost to develop an AI to the point of replacing a human might be prohibitive. But that's not necessary - at all. All you have to do is get the AI to answer the first couple volleys of emails and social media inquiries. 90% of them are boilerplate. They will be questions about size, color, shipping time, cost, etc.

Answering these questions immediately will keep your lead occupied until your human gets into the office at 9am or 2pm after lunch. Answering your leads 24h a day also keeps your prospects too busy to dive back into Google and contact any more competitors.

I think I might need this. I want to talk: Contact.

Piercing Creative & Viral Advertising

Instagram and Snapchat get far more use than Facebook Messeger on any given day. They get solid blocks of minutes from your customers while that magazine ad or billboard endured for 1.7 seconds in your customers' peripheral vision. Where do you advertise?

No matter how high your conversion rate at the bottom of the funnel, getting huge traffic at the top is a good thing. Now, that's only going to happen in a medium that's mobile and intrinsically viral.

Getting millions of people to talk about you is both an art and a science. It requires intimate understanding of your market. It requires perfect creative execution. And yes, it requires luck.

We're the first to admit it.

But the beauty of luck is that it favors those who iterate rapidly. This comes down to meticulous A/B testing, obsessive design, Jobsian UX, and drawing the right conclusions from the data you start with.

What stories can we tell about your products? How can we tell the story in a way that your customers fall into it? What can we say to get your customers immersed in the story of your product? How do we say it so that they actually visualize, no, fantasise about owning it?

The ROI you get from telling a story that touches your customers is going to be massive on paper but even bigger in branding. When you connect with a customer, I mean really connect, they feel understood. When someone feels that you understand them, they trust you. You've finally pierced through all the noise out there.

We think that's the real definition of "Life Time Value of a Customer."

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Massive Social Media Management and Marketing

You're overwhelmed by the sheer volume of inquiries you get. We get that. Your competitors are outsourcing everything from their customer support to their social media marketing. It's all going to large call centers and internet centers in the Philippines or India.

How well can people who are from totally different cultures support or sell to your customers?

You know the feeling. You've spoken to people who are obviously reading from a script. That does your brand no favors.

Don't you miss the days when you could require your customers to send in self addressed, stamped envelopes in order to get an answer back from you? We both know nostalgia doesn't help you dominate markets. So that just leaves you with thousands of inquiries an hour and no effective or scalable way of managing them.

We haven't even touched on marketing outreach yet!

Let's do that.

You can promptly reply to every single inquiry on any channel. You can also execute mass scale social media marketing outreach to spark conversations about your products right now. Using a blend of Artificial Intelligence and experienced human editors, you can send thousands of replies and strike up new conversations every minute.

You can track which responses got favorable results and which didn't. Then you can immediately replace the less effective responses with the more effective ones. This is how you apply machine learning to your corporate marketing and brand management online.

Will this AI / Human blend work better than outsourcing to a country where nobody uses your products? We're not going to insult you by answering that.

Will I finally be able to measure the ROI? Will this approach finally produce sales from social media?


Yes, massively.

Actually, I want to talk about this with a real human. Then, contact.

An Adwords Agency that Vastly Outperforms Competitors

Who manages your Adwords campaigns right now?

When's the last time you asked the manager, "Hey, is there anybody paying more per click than we are?"

Hey will probably answer, "Yeah, boss! There are guys out there paying 3 times more!" Hey probably thinks he's doing something praiseworthy. And he will keep thinking that until you ask him, "So then, Hey, who are they and how can they afford to do that?!"

Truth is, saving money is good. Even truer is, making more money than you save is better.

In other words, saving money is an incomplete metric. It may be that your competitor who pays 300% more money to Adwords is getting 550% more sales than you. Yes, from the same channel.

How does your CTR compare to your competitors'? How does your CPA compare? What about your ROI? You need competitive data to know if you are competitive.

How do you prevent 20's to 30's and 50's to 70's women from clicking on your ads if your target is only 40's women? If you succeeded, you'd increase your ROI by 500%. Thank about that.

Is your Adwords campaign being managed correctly? Is your agency using SKWAGs (single keyword ad groups)? Are they doing A/B testing? Are they using negative remarketing lists as exclusions to prevent competitors and lookie-loos from clicking on your ads twice? Are they building channel differentiated remarketing lists to compare ROIs from different silos like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, Snapchat, etc?

They should.

We do.

Are you advertising with Snapchat's new geolocated gps branded filters?

You should.

We can (do it for you).

Alright already. I want to at least talk about this: Contact us.