How We 2x Your Conversion Rates...

Hint: It's all done passively so there's ZERO room for human error

2 Minute Response Time

Most clients will hire the first company that answers all their questions. It's that simple.

That means that if you reply to an inbound lead and they don't reply back, chances are, they are already talking with your competitor. Few companies have the time to engage 3 companies in pre-hire screening and due dilligence. So they just hire the first company that makes them happy.

To be that first company to make a prospect happy, you have to reply to every email in 2 minutes. Any longer, you leave the door open for your competitor to step in and run interference.

But how do you guarantee 2 minute response time 24h a day?

Well, most companies do it by hiring a huge sales staff. That's just dumb. We do it by using Artificial Intelligence. For every question a prospect fires off at you, you've already got a perfect response. It's sitting there getting moldy in your sent mail folder. Our AI system just finds that one sentence or paragraph or email and reuses it. So you don't have to train any new sales people (potential liabilities).

Intimate & Personal Follow-Ups

Admit it. You've dumped everybody on your contact list into your email newsletter subscription database. If you haven't (you're one of the few tech savvy people on earth but...), you've had it done to you. Nobody likes it. Everybody hates it.

When you send a canned newsletter or email to someone who doesn't remember opting in, there's a 92% chance they will report you as a spammer. Here's what most people don't know. If you're on a spam watch-list, your emails will automatically get escorted into the spam mail folder of every mail server. What's worse, your domain will be penalized out of Google. Your adwords account can even get banned.

So, what do you do?

Well, you send personal emails.

Nobody clicks "spam" on an email that's obviously hand written and personal.

But, since nobody also has time to research each prospect's birth date, promotion, childrens' graduations, etc, our AI does it for you. We then send out a one line email saying, "Noticed it's your anniversary on Twitter, congrats!"

My Own 24h Sales Force

If your sales team works 8 hours a day, working 24h a day opens up potentially 3x more sales. That's simple math. If your business is local, it might not yield 3x more sales but you'll definitely raise revenues by selling when your competitors have all gone home for the day. Right?

For regional or national companies, the big payoff is that you can start selling globally with a 24h sales force. Well, that's exactly what our Artificial intelligence solution is.

Software can work 24h a day 7 days a week.

Your closure rate and conversion rate can only skyrocket during the hours your competitors are offline. That's a simple fact.

Ofcourse, this is assuming that you have a volume of inbound email leads. If you don't, we need to start by filling in the front end of your sales pipeline. See how we deliver 4x more leads with AI based Lead Gen.

If you want to talk about implementing your own AI CRM, just contact us below.


How We Touch Base With Your Leads and Customers

Leads, prospects, prospects you've sent proposals to, existing customers, cold former clients, etc, are all handled differently. They have to be. Their relationships with you are all different. But the mechanics are the same.

Our narrow AI software can tell what status to assign each contact in your inbox based on your email conversations with them. Then based on the status of each contact, our AI sends well timed, personal email follow ups. We don't send canned newsletters or even HTML emails. The messages are formatted exactly like they came from your iPhone.

Here's where it gets more exciting.

For monthly or quarterly check-ins, our AI software reads each of your contacts' public social media timelines and writes congratulations emails for you. The topics range from promotions, anniversaries, birthdays, vacations, children's graduations, etc. For example, if one of your clients has a publicly posted birthdate or if multiple social media followers are saying, "Happy birthday," our AI software will automatically compose an email saying, "Hi Alexander, Happy Birthday! - Your Name, VP of Sales. Your Corporation."

Wow. Can I trust this AI software?

You don't have to. The fully automatic auto-pilot system can be switched on manually when you're 100% confident. Until then, you'll get an "editor-in-chief" dashboard of all the emails the AI recommends that you send out. Only the emails you approve will be sent out and only when your recipient is online. Also until then, you can let another AI drive you around on the freeway at 80 MPH. Want to talk?

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