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Guerrilla Marketing Works - Even With Zero Budget.

Everybody's attention is splintered.

When you watch TV, you've got your remote in one hand and your iPhone in the other.

There's so much media noise buzzing around your customers' heads that getting your message out there isn't going to get you anywhere. You need to get your message inside their hearts.

If your budget is under $500 per month, We can't do any work for you. But, we CAN tell you exactly how to do it yourself.

So how do you grab someone and convince them to buy or subscribe or download in a world of multiple and constant noise?

That depends on what you sell.

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What does either of the above packages buy me?

A: Both of those packages buys you consulting and a written strategy plan. The strategy plan is a step by step customized road map to get your products sold, your company clients, your apps downloaded or your political campaign won.

Probably the most exciting thing you'll learn how to do is create a "marketing app" that can run 24 hours a day every day.

This app will send messages, like, retweet, reshare, +1, repin, follow, circle, friend, and comment for you thousands of times a day so you don't have to hire 15 marketing interns.

In other words, imagine how many customers you could get if you just contacted thousands of people in Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, etc per day.

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Will you do marketing for me?

A: If your budget is under $500 per month, you'll have to do marketing yourself. But we will tell you exactly what to do so you get results. There are industry insider marketing techniques that nobody talks about. As a client, we will reveal them to you. Remember, you can always just buy adwords from Google or Facebook dark pages ads to get your message out there. But you'd be bidding against mega corporations who can afford to spend 3 years marketing without getting a single penny of profit back in their pockets.

It's true. Big companies can afford to sell their products at a loss until their competitors go bankrupt. Then, they raise their prices after their competitors disappear.

Can't I just call you or talk to you?

Yes. Select one of the two packages above.

But I have a few things I'd like to say before ordering!

Sure! You're welcome to ask us about our marketing packages here:

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