Yes, Custom Price Calculations Are Finally Possible

eCommerce Themes and Templates like Magento and BigCommerce Don't Do This...

Complex Price Adjustments

Give discounts or increase prices based on any factor you determine.

Direct Paypal or Merchant Account Processing

Create an itemized and custom priced invoice for immediate Paypal checkout.

Automatically Scale Pricing

Use artificial intelligence to alter any price based on any criteria instantly.

Price Lists and Ecommerce Shopping Carts Suck

When you quote a price, you quote a price based on factors Magento, BigCommerce, Wix, etc can't consider.

You might quote a price based on how long your customer has been with you. You might quote based on how busy you are. You might quote based on how far away they are. It's also possible that when you make manual estimates, you quote based on whether they are a major corporation or a starving student. Heck, you might even quote based on how well your stocks are doing.

We can build a shopping cart that does all this for you.

In reality, the biggest issue businesses have with boilerplate shopping carts is that prices for addons or toppings can't scale. Yep. That reads weird. This is what we mean. For example, if your customer orders a custom embroidered logo, the cost of the custom embroidering should be more expensive if they want it on a XXX-Large t-shirt vs a X-Small, right?

So in this case, you not only need to charge for the cost of the t-shirt, you need to charge a variable fee for the custom embroidered logo. But this is true for anything. The cost of Belgian chocolate topping on 1 scoop of icecream should be different from the cost of that chocolate topping on 3 scoops. You have to use a lot more chocolate to cover 3 scoops.

The problem is that customers don't want to see a huge spreadsheet with multiple pivot tables for pricing.

They just want the final price.

We build custom ecommerce shopping carts that do all that for you. Prices range from $500 to $2500 for large scale complex work.

Contact us and we will send you some examples and we can discuss what you need.