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Ever notice that if you just put ketchup on a hamburger, it tastes too tart and sweet? What about when you just put mayo on a burger? It comes out too rich and greasy. But when you put both on the burger, you get "ZA-ZAM!"

If you run a marketing campaign just on Adwords or Facebook (what most companies do), you're missing out on most of the potential to "go viral."

Instead of pushing a marketing campaign to try and sell your product into one narrow silo, get the natives to adopt your product and push it for you.

I'm reminded of the boy who didn't accept the shop keeper's invitation. The shop keeper told the boy he could take a handful of candy from the barrel. He refused. So the shop keeper, puzzled, cupped both his hands together and piled candy into his mom's shopping bag for him. When the boy cheered, the shop keeper asked why the boy didn't grab the candy himself. He replied, "you have bigger hands."

Running an on-location guerrilla marketing stunt in the middle of Times Square or the Board Walk in Santa Monica can get hundreds of people to take photographs of your product. If you emotionally connect with them, they will do the social media sharing for you. They have bigger hands than you.

But it doesn't just have to start off-line.

You can start a viral guerrilla marketing campaign in Youtube and all the users on Twitter, Facebook, the blog world, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. will do the "sneezing" for you.

Wholistically selecting your marketing avenues can multiply your network-effect. Cross pollenating word of mouth can make you go viral. But what strategy is right for you? Let's find out when you contact us.

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