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@CRE8IVM3DIA omg your podcast has changed my life!!! I see so many things I've been doing wrong; I'm gonna fix that!!!

— Grace McCarter (@TheBentoBuff) June 18, 2014

The Marketing Alchemist's Brew

Welcome to your full collection of marketing strategy audio whitepapers. Here, we reveal the social media marketing world's industry insider secrets. Subscribe to be notified of our non-public, private releases...


Episode 1:

The Hidden DNA of Powerful Marketing Campaigns -- The Full Checklist

Episode 2:

Why Your Content Marketing Fails to Sell -- The Irony

Episode 3:

PR: Guerrilla Marketing Strategies to Get In the News and Blogs

Episode 4:

Why Your Marketing Isn't Selling In Social Media

Episode 5:

Sorry, Your Marketing Campaign Failed. It Was Missing THIS Single Most Important Ingredient

Episode 6:

Kickstarter Success Secrets: How to Get Backers In Kickstarter

Episode 7:

Google Adwords SEM: The Secret of Running a High Profit Adwords Campaign

Episode 8:

Google SEO Secrets: How to Get To Page One Fast

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