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Let's Sell.

All we have to do is get in front of people who have a habit of buying similar things.

As a small business or start-up with a tiny budget, you can do absolutely everything the large corporations do. The only difference is your scale. But you can always scale up after you've sold out of your current inventory or time (if you're a service business). So that's not an issue.

What we can do for you starts at $750 for an intense 1 hour phone consulting strategy session with 8 followup emails and unlimited public community support.

We will lay out how to build a direct marketing contact list of the top 1,000 most influential potential customers. These are customers who not only have a habit of buying stuff that's like what you sell, they also have a large social media friend/follower base that does what they do like Lemmings.

During our strategy consulting, we will also show you how to build a list of the top 100 bloggers in your industry. These bloggers command respect and attention as they hold the trust of millions of people -- the people who have a habit of buying the stuff you sell.

Finally, if you want us to

A. Make the lists including contact data for you

B. Directly contact them and market to them,

We will. Your options are below.

Let's get this party started.



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